Bloody Major


Dog eat dog everyday, on our fellow man we prey

Dog eat dog, to get by, hope you like my genocide

Regains and CR List
Bloody Major
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How Damned Is The Major?
Glancing Skyward
Because we all know he's going to hell when he dies. Just not which circle.

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Did I mention I'm Evil
This is the HMD post for the Major. If you'd like to say something about my characterization, or there are any issues you have that you feel need to be resolved about it, please post here and we can work them out!
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Twenty Ninth Krieg - Phone
Wicked Grin
My, this is a rather delicate situation, is it not? I'm sure there are still some of you who have doubts as to the validity of whether the people here are fakes or not, but still. It would be better to be safe than sorry, would it not? Therefore, allow me to offer an ultimatum!

Give me a name and description of your loved one who has been replaced, and I will kill them.

Twenty Eighth Krieg - Phone
The Time Has Come
Ah, it is that time again, isn't it! It would seem we've had quite the influx of new arrivals into our cage recently!

To our new friends, allow me to introduce myself! I am known simply as the Major, and I have had the good luck of being graced with a position in the police force of this town, which has provided me a bit more lee-way in what I may do in town that some others are not afforded. Because of this, if you are ever in need, I encourage you to ask for my assistance and I will do whatever I may to accommodate you! If worst comes to worst, I even invite you to seek me out at my home on 1667 Nelson Street!

That being said, if you have any questions left unanswered about your new home, I encourage you to ask them of me and I will explain the best I can.

There is, however, another matter at hand! She is not a new arrival per se, but someone who I feel I should introduce to all of you at large! A friend of mine, a dear rival, you could say, from back home has arrived! This is, I am sure or at least hope, a topic of interest to some of you! And perhaps it should be to some of you who aren't interested in it!

Her name is Sir Integra Fairbrooks Wingates Hellsing, a Brigadier General of the English Army and a quite fearsome woman. While I regret that I have not spoken with her very much since her arrival or gotten reacquainted - an unfortunate case that I hope to rectify soon - I should hope that if you meet her, you show her the utmost respect as she deserves, and I welcome her most warmly to Mayfield, even if it be a month or so late.

[Filtered to Schrodinger and Rip Van Winkle, and in German]

My friends, I propose we set aside a time and date to have a holiday meal together! From what I've heard, it's quite possible the town won't be...accommodating to letting us have it during Christmas. Thus, let us think up a time where we might get together for a meal before then.

Twenty Seventh Krieg - Phone/Action
Did I mention I'm Evil

[The mad giggling that fills the phonelines at first is overwhelming, taking the Major a moment to compose himself. When he speaks, he sounds content. Beyond content, almost wistful. There is just no denying that, beyond anything, the man is in a good mood.]

From the day man crawled out of the stew of primal creation and onto the land, there was one thing we brought with us. And that would be our will to survive. Alongside that we brought what had been the best weapon to assure this: aggression. Man, at its core, is an aggressive being! A warrior, making tools and weapons from the very rocks and metals of the Earth, scrounging and finding new ways to innovate so they might prosper. And in their innovation, finding new ways they might kill!

Really, ever since man discovered the wonder of fire, it was a given that he should envelope the entire world in flame!

Can you not see it? The beauty of what we just left? What we saw, that outstanding desolation....that is our destiny. Our greatest work of art, our testament to the universe! Don't you get the message?

The point is that, for a moment, life existed. And then, in a moment? Life was gone.

So then. How did everyone enjoy our trip?

[Action; Locked to 1667 Nelson]

[After his phone call, the Major will be bringing the mail in before making some breakfast. He goes through the mail and, seeing his name on one of the letters, opens it. And for a moment? Just stares at the contents.

It's a picture of Integra Hellsing, aiming a gun at him, and glowering. In his mind's eye, he remembers the scene quite vividly, though he can't imagine why the town would send him a picture of-

Hey, not family? What sounds like a gunshot has just rung out through the kitchen. If you go investigate, you'll find dad with his left eye shot out and slumping on the floor, bleeding. And chuckling to himself.

Well. Looks like you got him, huh town?]

Twenty Sixth Krieg - Action
In the Shadows
[Action 1]

[As dawn sweeps across the blasted remains of Mayfield, you may find a short, fat man dressed entirely in white swaying through the rubble. At first, it might look like he's swaying due to injury and might fall, but he keeps reasserting himself. After a few moments, it becomes obvious he isn't hurt. Isn't injured in the least. His movements are maimed swaying, but rather practiced. Focused, in their own mad way.

Orchestrated. It's as if he's moving like a conductor would move, directing an orchestra. If you get a closer look, you'll see a mad gleam in his eyes as the Major sways to music only he can hear.

And oh. It is so beautiful.]

[Action 2]

[The mad man has finished his orchestrating and is, at the moment, gracefully moving through the rubble. It's odd, to see someone so large move so easily through a burnt-out, destroyed environment. It's horrifying to see how utterly unbothered by it.

As he goes along, he isn't shy at all about checking the pockets of those drones who weren't entirely vaporized, and looting whatever they might have. He's also not shy about simply tossing the corpse away when he's done.

He'll also be making his way to where the homes would be of fellow Kingdom members, but he's taking his sweet ass time about it.]

[Action 3]

[Hey. Are you exploring town. Just trying to survive? Maybe find your loved ones?

Well you're going to love this shit. Get ready to feel something cold, and metal, and sharp pressing against the back of your neck. And a far too happy voice speaking.]

Good day friend! If you don't mind and have a minute to spare, there's something I'd like to talk to you about.

Twenty Fifth Krieg - Action
What's this?
[The Major didn't think a damn think about eating mushrooms. Why should he? If this place decided it would provide produce, then he would gladly partake of it. Even if it was suspicious, he would do it in order to see what game the town might have come with this time.

He was a bit disappointed when, after a while, nothing happened. He shrugged, before stepping out of his house.

And paused as he found himself on the streets of London, near Trafalagar Square. He could see it, smell it, hear it - see the rubble and fire, smell the gunpowder and death. Hear the screams of the "innocent", of the flabby weak babes the English had produced in the generations since the last Great War.

How he had missed it. Smile widening, he walks off into town, intending to get a much better view of the battle than he had been afforded before.

He isn't smiling for long.]

[Action 1]

[The Major is standing on top of one of the cars parked in town. There's, about him. Despite his clear cruelty, his clear madness, there's a type of composure to him. A cool, even headedness.

Right now, that composure is entirely gone. He's hunched like a madman, arms quivering in anger and occasionally shooting out here and there, as if directing orders. The expression on his face isn't outright anger, almost a dull look, but the tone. That is just anger beyond belief.

He can see it. He can see that the masses of London, who he'd believed - no, who he'd known to be pathetic, weak whimpering children....they're standing up. Alongside Hellsing and Anderson's group of Iscariot forces. Standing up and fighting. Standing up and slaughtering his battalion, his single, iron group of hardened soldiers.

Impossible. Unimaginable.]

Fools! What are you doing? What disgrace is this? Get up! Get up! Don't fall in! Perhaps the children might have sticks and stones to pelt you with, but you have blade and bullet! Kill them! Slaughter them!

What are you doing? What are you waiting for? Did you wait with me to die like this, to die like old men like our fellow countrymen did, to be passively ravaged by the mewling children who have been spawned here?

Get up! Push forward! KILL THEM!

[Action 2]

[You're just walking down the street, admiring the lovely day Mayfield is so nice to provide everyone with when BAM!

You're getting grabbed at by a fat little Nazi officer, glaring utter death at you. Whatever you did, whoever he thinks you are? You've pissed him off royally.]

How? You were but a joker, not an ace, not a true winning card, in the hand. How did you do it? Impossible.

It was my victory. It was meant to be mine. Not yours. Mine.

Twenty Fourth Krieg - Phone
Well hey there
[Hey Mayfield. Have some mad giggling. This week? Has just been an utter blast on the Major's end. It takes him a moment before he can compose himself and begin to speak.]

My friends, it has certainly been a trying time this week, has it not? And now, with so many of our fellow citizens deceased [God, he tries so hard to not let his smile slip through into his voice]...well. Desperation can be easy to fall in to.

I suggest, then, that we take a moment to resolve ourselves! Perhaps, in fact, through a bit of prayer.

[And for a moment, the Major is silent, before falling into mock reverence.]

Cut for Blasphemy/Religious contentCollapse )

Tweny Third Krieg - Action
Insane Grin
A. Around Town

[The Major will be dressed in his police uniform, going about his routine beat during the day. He nods and says hello to people as he passes in his usual pleasant manner.]

Good day! Good day!

I hope you're enjoying yourself today. It would be unfortunate if there should be a wasted day, just as you were a waste of what your mother's womb could've produced.

[Well, alright. Maybe a little more cutting today then usual.]

B. The Park, around 7 PM

[It may not look like it, but the park at this point? Has become a battlefield. While it's usually quiet, there is the occasional shot that rings through the air. After one of them, the Major, who was hiding behind a bench, holding his own gun up at ready, peers up from over it.]

Oh my my, my friend! We both know that even you can do better than that! Would it help perhaps if I were to move a bit closer? Say, within arms reach?

[And another, smiling Major emerges from behind one of the trees, gun at his side.]

Ah, that is the difference between you and I, you see! You prefer to have your hand held. I prefer a challenge.

[And then? They both just laugh. In unison.

And then the one behind the tree reveals the molotov cocktail he had behind the tree with him and throws it towards his doppelganger, the bottle shattering and setting the bench and surrounding grass aflame, the coattails of the Major who had been behind the bench catching ablaze. That Major rolls out of the way, putting the fire out while trying to aim a shot at his copy.

They're both laughing louder now.

Have fun even trying to guess which is which.]


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